Meeting of the management in Mallorca

From 14th to 17th of  March 2019 the four managers Boni Martinez from Mater, Dytmer Hettinga from s'Heeren Loo, Gerhard Wessels from the Gemeinnützigen Werkstätten and Bettina Unruh from the Baumhaus workshop met in Mallorca.
The goal of this meeting was to involve Mr. Hettinga a little further in the evi project and show him the work of the Spanish colleagues in Mallorca since he he was not able to attend the previous meetings.
The management exchanged views on the status of the project as well as on the (staff-) tasks of the participating workshops during a work meeting in the restaurant of Mater on the Puig Santa Magdalena.
All participants were very happy with the meeting. Mr. Hettinga was very enthusiastic about his visit and the evi project in general and shows a high motivation for the project.

First meeting of the steering group in Bedum

First transnational meeting of the steering group in Bedum (NL) / November 2018

From November 14th – 15th 2018 the steering group of the evi project met for the first time after the pledge. The steering group acts as a control layer for the entire project and consists of the management and the coordinating project staff of the respective organization.
The group tackled with the project structure plan, the budget as well as with the risks and chances of the project. In addition, the two days were used to get to know each other better on a personal basis as well as the establishment s'Heeren Loo better.

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