Greetings from Oldenburg!

We can do it!

For over a year now, the corona virus has been influencing our personal and working lives. Many of us have not been able to see their work buddies for a long time. Meeting friends is - if at all - only possible outside. Some of us may have infected ourselves with the coronavirus or even know someone who has been infected with the virus. The current time is definitely not an easy time. We all know that it is extremely important to comply with the Corona rules. Nevertheless we miss our friends, family and work colleagues. But that is precisely why it is also a time in which we have to stick together. Each of us still has to hold out for a while, so that the time after the corona pandemic is not that far away. And we are going to make that!

Cohesion was and is also an important topic in our project evi. It's about contact and exchange with our european project partners from Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. With great joy we still remember the first exchange meeting on Mallorca in February 2020. Therefore, it is all the more sad that we were not able to implement the project meeting in Bedum in September last year and that the planned meeting in Oldenburg in spring 2021 cannot be realized either. Probably no further, final project meeting will take place until the end of the project in August 2021. Travelling with such a large group is a too big risk for all project partners.

Even if we cannot see each other personally until the end of the project, we would like to stay in contact. Out of this wish the idea arose, sending greetings via a courage-making poster to our friends from Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Don't let the corona situation get you down, make the best of the current situation and above all stay healthy!

The following photo series shows the participants Nenko, Michael, Vanessa and Tanja and the specialists Beatrix and Dennis from Germany with a self-made poster.

In the next few weeks creative greetings from Spain and the Netherlands will follow. So take a look at our website again and let yourself be surprised!


A few words at the end of the year ...

It has been a few months since all the participants and the specialists met for the last time. That was at the first exchange meeting, which everyone was looking forward to and which is fondly remembered. At this point, we were still hoping that we could meet again at a second exchange meeting in September 2020. Unfortunately, the corona situation intervened, so that no meeting could take place. The situation is similar in our partner countries Spain and the Netherlands. Therefore, we cannot visit each other this year again.

It's December now, Christmas is just around the corner, and a new year begins. In any case, our wish list for the new year says that we would like to see all participants again in the new year at a second exchange meeting.

Due to the corona rules, it is difficult to make a reliable appointment at this time. So we haven't set a date yet. If a meeting is possible again next year, the participants can look forward to an exchange meeting in Germany at the Gemeinnützigen Werkstätten Oldenburg e.V. and at the Baumhaus gGmbH. As soon as a decision has been made, we will let hear / read from us.

Until then, the entire evi-Team wishes the readers, all participants, the specialists and their families happy Christmas holidays and all the best and health for the new year!

The evi-Team

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