stichting's Heeren Loo Zorggroep

You can find one branch of the national organization s´Heeren Loo in Bedum. This location represents the north of the Netherlands.
S´Heeren Loo is responsible for about 10.000 clients throughout the Netherlands. The branch office in Bedum has 350 clients and approximately the same number of paid employees. All clients live in an apartment adapted to their impairment. The vast majority of clients have mental disabilities. Some also have physical disabilities.
The age range of the clients is between 12 and 80 years. All clients participate in various daily activities within the sheltered workshop. There they are instructed and supervised by trained personnel.
On the one hand, you can find a working area where production is in focus. On the other hand, there is a day support center in Bedum where the emphasis lays on the daily structure and the promotion through different activities. The respective workplace depends on the type and severity of the disability.
stichting's Heeren Loo Zorggroep
Fazant 15
9780 AB Bedum / Niederlande
+31 (0)880360000 

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